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I have 4 spots open for one of these!
They're 60usd using PayPal
If you're interested email me at:
:o) Devious Journal Entry by Pheberoni
For all the b-day wishes !! You're all awesome, thanks for taking the time outta your day to make mine rock, ur all amazing !! 
Pokemon Kaoani - Pikachu 
Hey guys ! I never talk with you as much as I do on tumblr, and I've always thought that was kinda lame because you all show me just as much support ! c:
So how are you all ?? Is school good ? Are you drinking enough water+getting enough sleep ? Pet any cute dogs ? 

I really appreciate and dig you all ! I'm really surprised at how much attention I've got recently, thank you for that ! Heart Animation  

 Flower Bullet (Lilac) - F2U! Flower Bullet (Blue) - F2U! Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U!  ~~  Flower Bullet (Orange) - F2U! Flower Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! 
Dang dang dang I forgot to say something about it but I totally got bit by a dog a few days ago (nothing super serious !) He just had broke out of his fence and snagged me on my way to my house. I also got to go in an ambulance and get some shots in one which was super cool wowie. The dog is ok ! and back with his owners. He's not aggressive either I pet him after his owner showed him I was cool and not trespassing, I think he just bit me because he was scared ? Anyway though whoa I hope it leaves a cool scar so I can impress cute boys aw yea.

Also another thing I might start taking commissions soon I'm wondering how many of you guys might be interested?? maybe  ? 

I hope you're all doing great and that your day was super great yea :> 
I talk to my tumblr buds all the time, but I've never talked to you guys what the heck ?
How was your day? Do you get along with your mom and dad ? Are you sleeping ok ?? 

i love u